Valentine's Day Party Ideas

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Valentine's Day Party Ideas


If you're looking for different ideas for your classroom Valentine's Day party, look no further. Traditional classroom parties have Valentine's Day themed games, crafts and activities. When planning your kids' class party, there are many ways to combine fun but also add an element of community service.  These types of parties are sometimes referred to as parties with a purpose.   

 Here are some options that include acts of kindness or community service projects that you can consider adding to your Valentine's Day party this year.

  • Make Valentine's Day cards and pictures for servicemen and women or for  for local senior citizens.
  • Create a gratitude wall or tree. Create a large heart-shaped display where children can write notes of gratitude or things they love about their classmates, teachers, or the school itself. It's a beautiful way to foster appreciation and a positive environment.
  • Create bright and cheerful pictures and banners for kids in local hospitals.
  • Write thank you letters of appreciation to someone that student admires (family member, staff member, coach, anyone!)
  • Make joke books for anyone who may need to be cheered up.
  • Make a book for their younger reading buddies.
  • Create crafts for others in the community (retirement homes, hospitals, etc).
  • Partner with a local charity or community organization to organize a service project. It could be making care packages for the homeless, assembling hygiene kits, or creating cards for hospitalized children.




Planning your kids class parties can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be.  You can order an entire Party in a Box from here. MyClassroomPARTY is a company the specialized soley in classroom holiday parties.  There are a lot of fun an easy options on their website that can ease the burden of planning the classroom party. 

If you do decide to go the route of planning a party that includes doing something positive for the community,  there is a  Two Game Party box for 3rd-6th graders on MyClassroomPARTY's website that comes with a puzzle craft that would make for a great service project. The children can decorate them and deliver them to a local Children's Hospital or a retirement home. 

Whatever you choose to do for your kid's Valentine's Day party this year, we hope that you have a blast!  After all, the kids are only in elementary school for a short time so make the best of it and create memories to last a lifetime. 


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