Individual Valentine's Day Games

If you are looking for fun and original games to bring into school for your kid's Valentine's Day party, look no further!  All of our games are made of high-quality materials that you will be proud to bring into the classroom on party day.  We have personally tested all of our games on countless kids and we know they will be a hit!   With MyClassroomPARTY games you can be confident you are not buying cheap supplies that will fall apart on party day.  

All of our games come with clear instructions and a QR code.  When scanned the QR code will take you directly to a video that shows you how to set up and play the game.  It doesn't get any easier!

If you are looking for more than one game to bring to the party, check out our Party Boxes.  Our Party Boxes offer savings on multiple games and come neatly packaged to bring straight to the classroom with decorations, a printable and master instructions.  

Opposites Attract $20.00 USD