We're Here For You!


MyClassroomPARTY is here to make your life easier!  We want to make sure you are as prepared as possible for party day with as little work as possible.  Here are a few tips that can help party day run smoothly. 


  • The QR codes on the activities will take you to videos that show the game or activity being performed.  If you want to know exactly what to anticipate for party day, you can watch these videos before even entering the classroom.  Click here to see the videos for the current Party Kits .


  • These kits come with 5 separate stations.  If possible, it would be helpful to get a parent volunteer to help run each station.  


  • Since we love sharing tips & tricks to help make parents' lives easier we want to share Room Mom Rescue with you. Amy has a library full of information and this is a great spot for room parents to find resources on all things room parent related.




  • Below is a sample letter you can use to send to the other parents in the classroom to help you collect money for the Party Kit. 



Sample Holiday Party Letter to the Parents


Hi Parents of (insert teacher’s name) class,

My name is (insert your name) and I am the room parent for (insert teacher’s name) class.  I am excited for our Valentine's Day party this year.  The party will be on (enter date) at (enter time).  I found a company that puts together all the supplies needed for a classroom Valentine's Day party. Instead of sending out a sign-up and having you all run to the store, I will just collect money from everyone and order a kit.  The cost for the party will be $6.75 per student (or $5.50 a student if you order one without snacks).  This will cover all decorations, games, activities, crafts and snacks.  Will you please Venmo me (or enter your preferred payment method) @(enter Venmo name) the $6.75 (or put $5.50 if you ordered a Party Kit without food) for your student when you have a chance?  Put your student’s name in the comments so that I can track who has paid.  If you want to look at all the fun our students will be enjoying, you can see details and pictures of the Valentine's Day Party Kits at  www.MyClassroomPARTY.com

We will need volunteers to help run each station on party day.  If you are interested in coming in to help, please send me an email and let me know. 


Thank you!

(Your Name)