Corporate Partners

Not all corporate giving yields the same results. Finding a unique and meaningful way to give back is as important as the act of giving itself when it comes to creating goodwill.  

With so many corporations looking to stand out and create goodwill with their customers through their corporate giving, it can become increasingly difficult to find a meaningful way to give back to the community in a way that is unique and will be remembered.  Unique and niche give-back programs allow for an opportunity for a company to get their name directly correlated with the good that the program creates, and not get lost on the bottom of a list of much larger donors.  

MyClassroomPARTY offers an unique opportunity for companies to create goodwill in their communities by partnering with local schools and sending parties into the classroom. When companies partner with local schools through MyClassroomPARTY, they create a lasting positive impression in the minds of students, parents, teachers, and school staff alike.

MyClassroomPARTY makes it easy! We work with companies of all sizes, connecting them with schools and helping companies achieve their corporate social responsibility goals by sending a fully planned party into the classroom. What better way to bring joy to children while also easing the burden on parents? 

Contact us at or call us at (720) 400-0390 if your company is interested in becoming a MyClassroomPARTYCommunity Hero.