PTO & PTA Fundraisers


MyClassroomPARTY partners with schools to help raise money.  Signing up to be part of our partnership program is totally free.  We get you a school code and you share our information with parents at your school.  Your PTO or PTA organization then gets a percentage back from every purchase made using your code. 

This PTA fundraiser couldn't be any easier!  It works similar to a restaurant night.  We will even provide you with social media posts and fliers you can use to share your school code. You have a chance to earn money 3x a year with our Holiday Party Kits. 

Below is an example of one of the fliers we'll send out before each holiday party. We make it specific to your school and the upcoming party so you wouldn't have to change a thing.



Contact us at or call us at (720)400-0390 to get your school enrolled in our PTA fundraiser and start earning money today!