Making a Lasting Impression With Corporate Giving

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Making a Lasting Impression With Corporate Giving

In recent years, the term “corporate giving” has gained significant traction as a buzzword in business and social discourse.  This phrase encapsulates the notation of corporate social responsibility and the expectation for companies to contribute positively to society beyond their product-making activities. As consumers increasingly prioritize ethical and sustainable practices, corporations are under pressure to demonstrate their commitment to social and environmental causes. 


With so many corporations looking to stand out and create goodwill with their customers through their corporate giving, it can become increasingly difficult to find a meaningful way to give back to the community in a way that is unique and will be remembered. With billion-dollar companies making a name for massive million-dollar donations to many of the same top charities it is hard for smaller corporations to get recognition and gain attention for sizably smaller donations to these same charities.  Smaller companies can benefit from finding unique ways to give back to the community.  Unique and niche give-back programs allow for an opportunity for a company to get their name directly correlated with the good that the program creates, and not get lost on the bottom of a list of much larger donors.  


MyClassroomParty offers a unique opportunity for companies to get involved in local schools in a way that did not previously exist.  With MyClassroomParty companies can donate preplanned parties that bring joy to the students and take a large burden off the teacher.  These donations are particularly meaningful in underfunded schools where the lack of budget and parent involvement have made classroom holiday parties something students no longer have the opportunity to experience.   While many companies donate supplies or money toward different school programs, donating classroom party boxes is a unique way to help teachers, but also bring joy to the children in a tangible, unique, and fun way they'll always remember.  Having your company’s name associated with the joy and magic that a party brings to elementary students will create lasting goodwill in the hearts of teachers, students, and parents. 


To learn more about the opportunity to make a difference in your community with MyClassroomParty check out their Community Heros Program

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