Room Parent Duties

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Room Parent Duties

The role of being a room parent (also known as class mom, class parent, room mom, classroom mom, or classroom parent) is rewarding and fun!  A lot of people are scared off by it though, thinking that it involves too much work.  In reality, it shouldn't be too time-consuming and you can always find volunteers from the classroom to delegate some of the tasks to.   If you are on the fence I encourage you to sign up and give it a try this year! 

Below is a list of duties that generally fall under the role of room parent. 

  • Organize teacher gifts at holidays and birthdays and collect money for them. 
  • Plan and run class parties.  This does not have to be a time-consuming or difficult task. If this task overwhelms you, don't worry you don't have to spend hours planning and shopping. MyClassroomPARTY sells Party Kits with all the games and activities planned out and delivered to your door. 
  • Find and manage volunteers to help in the classroom when the teacher needs them.  It would be best if you stay in contact with the teacher regularly.
  • Send out reminders and sign-up sheets about events, activities and field trips.
  • Keep an up-to-date list of contact information for all parents.  Getting a contact list for all parents in the classroom should be your first job as a room parent. 
  • Attend PTO/PTA meetings in order to stay up to date on everything going on at school in order to communicate important information to parents.  If you work and cannot attend the meetings in person, reach out to see if there is an option to Zoom the meeting, or have someone send you the meeting notes. 

It might help to join a Facebook community of other room parents where you can ask questions and get ideas from other room parents.   

Is there anything that room parents are required to do at your school that is not on the list?  Reach out and let us know, we would love to hear from you.

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