Go for it! Volunteer to be the room mom!

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    As the school year is starting and you are considering taking on the role of Room Parent, I encourcage you to read this.  Learn from my mistakes and take on the role of Room Parent with confidence!   
   There are so many parents that want to help out at school and volunteer to be the room parent.  Unfortunately, most parents have limited time and resources and can't add one more thing to their already full plate. I used to be that parent. I had four young kids all in school at once. Always nervous to "officially" bite off the task of room parent. I'd tell teachers that if NO ONE else volunteered I would be the back-up plan :) That was my official plan for many years, the "back- up" plan.  Every year though, I'd end up getting roped into doing the holiday parties for one or two of my kids classes because there never seemed to be anyone else who wanted to step up. 
     Here is a picture of all the supplies I had to gather for my first go as the holiday classroom party planning mom. I remember how long it took to do ALL of the things for these parties.
      It was always so much work to plan and throw these parties.  It was shocking how much time and effort it took.  It became clear why no one else ever wanted to do it.  It was also so frustrating to have to recreate the wheel EVERY SINGLE PARTY for each of my kids.  I knew there had to be an easier way! 
     I could never find that easier way, so I decided to create it myself.  After surveying countless moms, testing games on countless children and meeting with a lot of teachers, we have come up with a solution to the headache of classroom party planning. 
     MyClassroomPARTY creates Party Kits for all your elementary class party needs.  These Kits come with everything planned out and all supplies included.  Remember my picture from above of all the things I had to pick up?  This is what it can look like now! 

Easy as pie for you!

     A fully planned party can be delivered directly to your door with easy instructions, games, crafts, snacks and decorations all included. There are even QR codes on each of the games so that the parent volutneers can scan them to see videos of the games being played. Your kids (and their TEACHERS!) will be very impressed and extremely happy that you stepped up to be the party planning hero! It doesn't have to take you hours of planning any more!
     We want to make it easy on any parent, no matter how busy they are, to step up and volunteer. We make it possible for parents to have the confidence to throw the holiday classroom party and completely crush it!
     So we say GO FOR IT! Volunteer this year to be the room mom or room parent! We've got you covered!



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