DIY Sponge Water Balls (Bombs)

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DIY Sponge Water Balls (Bombs) - My Classroom Party

 Better than water balloons!!!


We've all been there-- you're stuck filling up 150 tiny water balloons which takes you 2 hours, just so your kids can have 45 seconds of fun with their friends. Am I right?! OR you spend $50 and buy multiple packs of the "bunch o balloons" that you fill in a few minute, but are still gone in less than 5 minutes LOL! 

The short lived fun time with traditional water balloons sort of stinks. That is why we LOVE this DIY sponge water balls. 

They cost about $1 per 2 balls you can make with a 4 pack of Dollar Tree sponges. So you can spend $10 and have 20 water ball sponges that will last the summer. It only takes about 5-10 minutes to make a ton of these water balls. And it's a good crafty project for the kids. 

The kids can soak them in their bucket over and over and throw them at each other for hours. They can get creative and make-up fun games with them. That is why this DIY was a Win-Win in our house!

Follow the super easy instructions below and watch them have fun!

  • cut the sponges long ways
  • take a handful of 10 or 12 sponge strips
  • wrap a few rubber bands around the middle tightly and the party is on :)

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