Celebrate the End of the School Year

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Celebrate the End of the School Year

We all can remember how the excitement at the end of the school year builds the last couple weeks of school.  As the final countdown begins, it becomes harder for students to focus as their thoughts wander to the freedom that summer brings.  After months of hard work, it's time to celebrate and unwind. Here are some fun ways you can celebrate your elementary school students hard work!

Classroom Party

A classroom party is always a favorite among students.  It’s fun and exciting and offers a break from the typical school day.  Also, unlike other options like field day, it doesn’t have to be a school-wide celebration. You can plan 2-3 fun summer themed games for the students to play and ask for other parents to bring in snacks and prizes for the students.  MyClassoomParty sells a party in a box that is perfect for this occasion.  Three fun summer games come neatly packaged with all the supplies and instructions.  There are even QR codes on the games that show you how to set up and play each game.  This is nice for the teacher because it requires no planning on their end.  See a picture of the party in the box below. 

Field Day 

Field day is another classic end-of-year celebration that elementary school students look forward to every year. It's a day filled with outdoor activities, games, and friendly competition. Students can participate in relay races, tug of war, sack races, and more. Field day is a great way to promote teamwork, sportsmanship, and physical activity.  It is also a wonderful opportunity to get the students outdoors and allow them to enjoy the (hopefully) beautiful late spring weather. Below are some awesome resources to help you start setting up and planning a field day at your school.  

          This contains an image of: Planning and Facilitating Field Day for All Students | Advancement Courses           


Ice Cream Party

Who doesn't love ice cream? An ice cream party is a sweet way to celebrate the end of the school year. Students can enjoy a variety of flavors and toppings, and it's a great opportunity to socialize and bond with classmates. Ice cream is generally inexpensive and you can celebrate with the whole school without breaking the bank. You can even make it a fundraiser by charging a small fee for each scoop and donating the proceeds to a local charity.  You can hold it outdoors to keep the mess at a minimum.  Just remember to use big coolers so your ice cream doesn’t melt. 

End-of-Year Awards Ceremony

An end-of-year awards ceremony is a great way to recognize students for their hard work and achievements throughout the school year. Awards can be given for academic achievement, sportsmanship, creativity, and more. It's also an opportunity for students to celebrate each other's successes and show their support for their classmates.  Come up with a fun award for each student so that no one get’s left out. Click the image below to get ideas for different awards and a template you can use to create your own. 

This contains an image of: Celebrate Your Students with End of Year Awards

Game Day

On one of the last days of school, when the students can no longer focus, have everyone bring in their favorite board games and have a game day. This is a great way to promote socialization and teamwork while giving students a break from their studies.  You could even have the students practice their presentation skills by having them get up in front of the class and explain what game they brought and why.  They will be working on their public speaking skills and not even realizing it.  


Outdoor BBQ or Picnic

Celebrate the end of the school year with a fun outdoor BBQ or picnic. This is a great opportunity for students to spend time together, enjoy some good food, and celebrate their accomplishments. This would be a great event to invite parents to and give them a chance to meet other parents and teachers and socialize.  You can make it a potluck so that it's not too much work.  You can even make it a picnic and ask each family to pack their own food.  If you do want to provide the food, an outdoor pizza party is a very easy and affordable option. 

As you can see above, there are many fun activities to consider when celebrating the end of the school year. It doesn’t matter what you choose, what matters is that the students feel special and it creates a fun and positive atmosphere. So let's celebrate the end of the school year with some fun activities that will create lasting memories for our students.

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