Deluxe (the Original) Valentine's Day Party Box for K-2nd Grade

 This Deluxe Party Box comes with:

- 3  fun and interactive classroom party games (see description below)

- A Valentine's Day party craft for up to 30 students (see description below)

- Hanging decorations for the classroom 

- Printable activity for 30 students


Add prizes or a tablecloth and napkins to your Party Box here.

The Valentine's Day party games included can be played together as a whole class or can be played in small groups.   A Party Box is recommended for a class size of 30 or less.  If your class has more than 30 students you can purchase the Student Add-On Option along with this Party Box.

Games Included in This Party Box

Opposites Attract- This exciting game brings students together in a fun and magnetic way.Each team will use a mini magnetic “fishing pole” to pick up metal hearts. Each team is assigned a color of hearts to collect and the teams will race against each other using their fishing pole, trying to be the first to pick up all their hearts.They must do so carefully, because if they pick up the other team’s heart, they lose a turn.

Heart A-Stack - This is an exhilarating and suspense-filled game that requires precision, teamwork, and a steady hand.Teams take turns, carefully navigating the ball from the top of the tower, allowing it to gracefully cascade to the cup below.The tension builds with each roll of the ball because if it falls, the team must rebuild and start over again from the beginning.The first team that successfully rolls the ball all the way down the tower wins.

Flipping Frenzy-This exciting flipping game is a MyClassroomPARTY favorite among students and parents.Students will use the flip boards to race against each other and flip all the cups into the hole.Once all the cups have been successfully flipped, the teams race to quickly build a pyramid with the cups.

Beaded Heart Craft - Students will create hanging beaded hearts that they can use to decorate the classroom or bring home as a gift for a family member.



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