Christmas Party Kit for K-2nd

 This Party Kit is for a classroom with 30 or fewer students. If your class has more than 30 students you can purchase the Student Add-on Option along with this Party Kit. 

This is perfect for schools that celebrate classroom Christmas parties.  This kit comes with the three fun interactive games listed below, a hands-on craft, and 12 Christmas-themed ceiling decorations.  The games included can be played together as a whole class, or can be played in small groups.  

The games included are:

Jingle Jam - The students will be tossing miniature bells and trying to get them to land in the mini cups in front of them.  This game is a fun and exciting relay where the teams are racing against each other to be the first team to get all their bells into the cups.  

Holiday Hat Dash - Students will challenge their motor skills as they work to move adorable miniature Santa hats across the room and onto the Santa printouts without using their hands.  

Ice Hopper - Students will try to move across the room as quickly as possible by moving from one "ice cube" to the next.  This is sure to bring out the laughter in the classroom as the kids try to navigate moving their ice around in order to get to the finish. 

Ornament craft- The students will be given a wooden ornament and a sheet of gems.  The students can use markers and their gems to decorate their ornaments.  This makes a great gift for the students to take home to their parents or another relative. 

All games come with clear instructions and a QR code on the game bag.  If you scan the QR code on the bag it will take you to a video that shows you how to play the game.  These videos are perfect to send to anyone helping on party day!  

Optional Fun Christmas Add Ons

Christmas Snack Add-On 

Christmas Slap Bracelet Prizes

Christmas Pens

Reindeer Headband Craft

Etch Ornaments

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Your Purchase Helps Others

A portion of every Party Kit order goes towards supplying Party Kits for Title 1 schools. All kids deserve the joy of an elementary school holiday party and our goal is to make that happen.

Made by Moms With Care

We have both been room parents countless times and we know the importance of everything running smoothly on party day. We test all our games and crafts on our kids, their friends, the neighborhood and our kids' classes so that we are sure they will run smoothly and be a hit. We spend our days and nights thinking about your school parties because we want them to be a huge success. Rest easy, we have done the work for you.