Christmas Party Box for K-2nd

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This Party Kit is intended for a classroom with 30 or fewer students. If your class has more than 30 students you can purchase an extra student add-onso that there are enough supplies.  

This MyClassroomPARTY Party in a Box is perfect for schools that celebrate classroom Christmas parties.  This Party Box comes with three fun interactive Christmas games for kids (listed below), a school party craft, and 12 Christmas-themed ceiling decorations.  The games included can be played together as a whole class, or can be played in small groups.  

The games included are:

Hat Stacker -This exciting and fun game combines the classic game of Rock, Paper, Scissors with the challenge of building a tower of snowman hats. Teams must place each snowman hat carefully and strategically because the first team who has their tower fall is the losing team.

Roll a Snowman -In this engaging classroom game players eagerly roll the dice to collect a variety of snowman elements. Each roll of the dice brings suspense and excitement as students work together to assemble their snowman, piece by piece. The first team to finish building their snowman wins.

Soaring Snowman -In this playful winter game, students will test their teamwork and coordination as they fling snowman erasers into the air with the “snowman launcher” to their teammates who are waiting with cups to try to catch them.

Christmas Party CraftChoose from the different Christmas classroom party crafts from the drop-down menu below.  You can see a picture of each of these crafts in the second product picture. 

All of the Christmas games for kids come with clear instructions and a QR code on the game bag.  If you scan the QR code on the bag it will take you to a video that shows you how to play the game.  These videos are perfect to send to anyone helping on party day!  

Optional Fun Christmas Add Ons

Christmas Slap Bracelet Prizes

Christmas Pens

Reindeer Headband Craft

Please allow a week for shipping.  If your party is sooner please contact us directly so we can check the exact shipping times to your specific area. 

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