Hearts in the Balance Game

This MyClassroomPARTY original game is the perfect game to add to your classroom Valentine's Day party!  Students will challenge their fine motor skills in this exciting game as they use chopsticks to pick up the pillow hearts and balance them carefully on the heart tables included.  

Two teams will race against each other, each student adding one pillow at a time, trying to be the first to get all of their pillows balanced.  The pillows easily slip off, so it will be an engaging challenge that will keep the teams on the edge of their seats as they see if they can get them all to stay and not fall off.   

Instructions and a QR code that leads to video instructions are included in the game box.  It makes it easy to send in this game on party day and have someone else set up the activity if you can't be there. 

This game works perfectly for small groups or for the entire class to play together. 

Select a grade level below.  The K-2nd grade kit comes with chopstick helpers to make it easier to use the chopsticks along with a set of bigger sticks to use if the chopsticks are too hard.  The 3rd-6th grade kit comes with extra hearts to make it more challenging along with a set of chopstick helpers just in case.  

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