Fall & Halloween Party Box for 3rd-6th

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This Party Box is intended for a classroom with 30 or fewer students. If your class has more than 30 students you should divide the students into groups to play each game and not have them all play the same game at once. 

This Party in a Box is sure to be a hit this Halloween.  It comes with the four Halloween party games listed below and 12 Halloween of Fall (select below) hanging decorations.  These activities will add excitement and laughter to the classroom and are perfect to keep students engaged and having a good time during a roughly one-hour-long classroom party.  These Halloween party games can be played together as a whole class or in small groups.

Activities Included:

Candy Corn Carry - This game has a fun STEM challenge element. Students will race against each other in this exciting relay trying to be the first team to use the supplies included to build their own haunted house.The catch is that before they can start building, they must get all the supplies across the room by balancing them on a giant candy corn.Students can carry as many items across the room at once as they want, but if any drop they have to go back to the starting line.

Flipping Frenzy - This exciting flipping game will surely be a hit with the kids.Students will be using the flip boards to race against each other and flip all the cups included into the hole. Once all the cups have been flipped, they will quickly build the structures shown in the instructions.The first team to complete the structure each round is the winner.

Teeter Toss - Teams will use our fall launchers to flip acorn erasers into the air while their teammates take turns trying to catch them. The winning team is the first team that can catch all of the launched acorns.

Block Paper Scissors - This game takes the traditional game of rock-paper-scissors and adds a fun and exciting twist.Students will have to think on their feet as they quickly scramble to try to block the other team from scoring points.

A spot the difference printable is also included for each student in the class. 

All MyClassroomPARTY Halloween party games come with clear instructions and a QR code on the game bag.  If you scan the QR code on the bag it will take you to a video that shows you how to play the game.  These videos are perfect to send to any volunteers helping on party day!  

Looking for a craft or other additional party supplies or a class classroom party craft to add to your party?  Check out our fun Halloween/Fall Party Add Ons you can add to your Party Kit.

Please allow a week for shipping.  If your party is sooner please contact us directly so we can check the exact shipping times to your specific area. 

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