End of Year Party Box

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This is an entire party for a classroom with 30 or fewer students. If your class has more than 30 students please let us know in the comments at checkout so we can be sure to add extra printouts. 

Save yourself hours of planning and purchase this entire class party!  We pack a TON into our Party Kits and test all our games to make sure the kids will LOVE them. This kit comes with the three fun interactive games listed below, and two printouts.  The games included can be played together as a whole class, or can be played in small groups.  

In addition to the games included below, each student will get a summer bucket list printout to complete in addition to another printed activity based on grade level. 

The games included are:

Summer Breeze - Students will race against each other in this exciting relay, trying to get the most items in their bucket.  The students will have a variety of items of different sizes and weights that they need to balance carefully as they walk to their buckets. The trick is all the items are light and can easily blow off. Students will have to learn to find the perfect speed to complete the relay.

Flip Flopping - In this fun, summer-themed game students will be flipping over tokens using a flip flop.  This is a race against teams to see which one can get all their tokens to land letter side up first and rearranged to spell "Summertime". 

Spring Fling - This game is a hit with students of all ages!  Every student gets a sticky hand and will take turns "casting" it to try to pick up the summer cutouts on the table in front of them.  The students work together with their team and try to be the first team to get all the cutouts picked up first. The students can take their sticky hand home as a prize from their party. 

This Party Kit is colorful, exciting and the perfect way for students to celebrate the end of a great school year!