End of Year Party Box (3rd-6th)

This is an entire party for a classroom with 30 or fewer students. If your class has more than 30 students please let us know in the comments at checkout so we can be sure to add extra printouts. 

Save yourself hours of planning and purchase this entire class party!  We pack a TON into our Party Kits and test all our games to make sure the kids will LOVE them. This kit comes with the three fun interactive games listed below, and two printouts.  The games included can be played together as a whole class, or can be played in small groups.  

In addition to the games included below, each student will get a summer bucket list printout to complete in addition to another printed activity based on grade level. 

The games included are:

Rocket Roosters - Students will use adorable mini rubber chickens to fling, flick, and catapult their way to victory.  Whether they are aiming for our classic bullseye targets or playing a round of furthest shot, there is never a dull moment in this quirky competition.  As an added bonus, there are enough chickens included that every student can take one home as a prize. 

Ring Rush - In this original and amusing game, teams will compete to be the first to carefully stack brightly colored rings onto a star tower using only their bendy umbrella straws.  Teamwork and coordination are essential in this game as students strategize to carefully transfer the rings without toppling the tower. 

Pom-Pop Party - Students will use an adorable ice cream popper toy to carefully launch colorful poms across the table to their teammate who is trying to catch the pom in their “ice cream cone” before it falls off the table.  The first team to successfully catch all their poms is the winning team. 

This Party Kit is colorful, exciting, and the perfect way for students to celebrate the end of a great school year! 

Customer Reviews

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Melissa Amadeo
4th Grade end of Year Party

I have been planning on trying MyClassroomParty out at different times of the year, and was finally able to for the last party of my Daughters 4th grade year. I am so glad I did. She communicated quickly and efficiently, and was able to rush my order to me in time. The kids had a blast and everything was so organized and easy!!

Thank you so much, for making being a room parent so much more manageable.