Frosty's Balancing Act Game (K-2)

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This fun MyClassroomPARTY original Christmas game for kids is sure to be a hit at your next class party.  The students will take turns balancing a snowman hat as they walk to the snowman across the room and back.  Each round they add an extra hat.  The student who can balance the most is the winner! 

This game is similar to the 3rd-6th grade version we offer but the hats are bigger and easier to balance for the younger grades. This game is ideal for parties where you break the students out into game stations and only 2-7 students will be playing the game at one time. 

Don't bore the kids with another party with pin the tail on the donkey and other overplayed games.  Be the parent of the year with this fun, MyClassroomPARTY original game. 

*The exact snowman and colors may vary. 

Please allow a week for shipping.  If your party is sooner please contact us directly so we can check the exact shipping times to your specific area.