Valentine's Day Victory Game

Don't show up to class with another boring game of ring toss or pin the tail on the donkey!  Bring the students a new game they haven't seen before! This original MyClassrooomParty game is sure to engage the students and make you look like the all-star mom you are!

This game is perfect for elementary students of all ages.  The students will form two teams and will race against each other rolling the fun Valentine's Day-themed foam dice.  They will then quickly flip over the wooden hearts that show the number they just rolled.  They take turns rolling and flipping as quickly as possible until all the numbers are flipped over and letters are showing instead.  They then work together to unscramble all the letters to spell 'Valentines'.  A laminated strip with 'Valentines' already spelled out that they can use as a guide.   The first team to finish is the winning team. 

Valentine's Day Victory is an exciting game for the students and works perfectly for small groups or with the whole class playing together. 

Your Purchase Helps Others

A portion of every Party Kit order goes towards supplying Party Kits for Title 1 schools. All kids deserve the joy of an elementary school holiday party and our goal is to make that happen.

Made by Moms With Care

We have both been room parents countless times and we know the importance of everything running smoothly on party day. We test all our games and crafts on our kids, their friends, the neighborhood and our kids' classes so that we are sure they will run smoothly and be a hit. We spend our days and nights thinking about your school parties because we want them to be a huge success. Rest easy, we have done the work for you.