Winter Party Box for 3rd-6th

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This Party Box is intended for a classroom with 30 or fewer students. If your class has more than 30 students you should divide the students into groups to play each game and not have them all play the same game at once. 

This Classroom Party in a Box is perfect for schools that celebrate winter parties instead of Christmas parties.  This Party Box comes with the four fun interactive winter games for kids listed below and 12 winter-themed ceiling decorations.  The games included can be played together as a whole class or can be played in small groups.  

The games included are:

Don’t Fall Frosty- In this exciting relay, students will be using straws to carefully pick up a snowman card from the table and carefully balance it on the snowman base in front of them.Students must move quickly because it is a race. However, not so quickly the Frosty tower topples.If the cards fall off the snowman base the students must start all over.The students work as a team taking turns and cheering each other on.

Roll a Snowman - In this engaging classroom game players eagerly roll the dice to collect a variety of snowman elements. Each roll of the dice brings suspense and excitement as students work together to assemble their snowman, piece by piece.The first team to finish building their snowman wins.

Avalanche - This is an exhilarating and suspense-filled game that requires precision, teamwork, and a steady hand.Teams take turns, carefully navigating the “snowball” from the top of the cup tower, allowing it to gracefully cascade to the cup below.The tension builds with each roll of the snowball because if it falls, the team must rebuild and start again from the beginning. The first team that successfully rolls the snowball all the way down the tower wins.

Ice Incline - In this high-flying fun game students will embark on an exciting adventure as they use a zip line to send “ice” soaring across the room. The real challenge awaits on the other side, where the students must use teamwork to use the letters on the ice to spell out different words.

All games come with clear instructions and a QR code on the game bag.  If you scan the QR code on the bag it will take you to a video that shows you how to play the game.  These videos are perfect to send to anyone helping on party day!  

Optional Fun Winter Add-Ons

Sticky Mitten Prizes

Ornament Craft

Scratch Art Snowman 

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