Deluxe Winter Party Box for K-2nd

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This Deluxe Party Box comes with:
  • 3 fun and interactive classroom party games (see description below)
  • A winter craft for up to 30 students (see description below)
  • Hanging decorations for the classroom
  • Printable activity for 30 students
The fun and interactive party games included can be played together as a whole class or in small groups. A Party Box is recommended for a class size of 30 or less. If your class has more than 30 students you can purchase theStudent Add-On Option along with this Party Box.

Activities included:

Pencil Pull Avalanche - Students will work to master the delicate art of precision in this game. Teams face off in a high-stakes battle of steady hands and strategic moves. With the tower of pencils standing tall in the center of the desk, players must carefully pull out one pencil at a time, aiming to maintain the tower's balance. The team that pulls the pencil that collapses the tower is the losing team.

Reindeer Relay - In this exciting relay the students will be transformed into reindeer by covering their hands to make them hooves. Their mission is to carefully carry ice cubes across the room without dropping them. Balance and precision are key because if an ice cube drops, it's back to the starting line.

Snow Fall - Students test their coordination and teamwork skills by carefully balancing snowballs on a board and navigating them across the room to drop them onto a plate. They must beware of the hole in the board - one wrong move and the snowball could fall through, ending their turn! The team that successfully gets all their snowballs across the room first wins.

Winter Craft - Choose from two different winter crafts from the drop-down menu above. See details about each of the crafts below.

  • Bell Catch Craft - Students will craft their own Bell Catch Game to take home. With popsicle sticks, string, a bell, and a cup, students will craft a fun game. It's the perfect blend of crafting fun and interactive play that the students will love!
  • Snowflake Craft - Students will create beaded snowflakes that they can use to decorate the classroom or bring home as a gift for a family member.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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I loved the whole party box it cane out amazing and fun. The kids loved it and so did the teacher. I can’t wait to buy the decorations for valentines day

Katie Marici
Fantastic Experience

Our school had such an amazing experience working with my classroom party box! From start to finish these ladies are so accommodating and helpful! Our room moms were able to show up and easily administer a classroom party thanks to their organization and care put into every tiny detail! We are so appreciative and look forward to using them again in the future! Thank you,

Where has this been?!

All I can say is where has this been all my career?! This has made having classroom parties sooo much easier! I teach special education so I have don’t have much help with parties. This makes it soo easy for myself and my aides!! I love it!!

Such a life saver!

I was asked very last minute to put together our winter holiday party because the room mom had an emergency and needed to head out of town and couldn't help. I panicked because I was incredibly busy at work and literally didn't have the time to plan and organize this large task. I was searching online for class party ideas and came across this website. I was ecstatic that I could order the entire party right here. This was seriously a life saver and on top of it, the kids had a blast!!!