Two Game Valentine's Day Party Box for 3rd-6th Grade

This Party Box includes: 

- Two fun and exciting Valentine's Day games for kids (see description below)

- Hanging Valentine's Day decorations for the classroom 

- Printable for up to 30 students

- Option Valentine's Day craft add-on (see description below)

The games included are: 

Heart to Heart - This game of strategy and precision will get the students thinking and having a blast.  Students will be racing to place heart magnets on a heart cutout.  They must move quickly but also carefully because if a magnet is placed too close to another one and attaches to it, the student must remove them from the board and place them again one at a time.  This challenging game will have everyone on the edge of their seats as the final magnets are placed.

Piece of My Heart-This is an exciting game of critical thinking that allows the students to get some energy out. Students will race Lego pieces across the room by balancing them on a stick held in their mouth.  Once all the pieces get across the room, the teams must work together to build a Lego heart out of the pieces.  The first team to complete the heart wins the challenge.

Blank Puzzle Craft- Students will use markers to decorate blank puzzles. They can then trade puzzles with someone sitting near them and race to see who can assemble the puzzle first.  These would make a wonderful service project to donate to a local hospital or just a fun party take-home prize.  Pink mesh bags are included for the students to store their puzzle pieces in.  

All games come with clear instructions and a QR code on the game bag.  If you scan the QR code on the bag it will take you to a video that shows you how to play the game.  These videos are perfect to send to anyone helping on party day!  

 Add prizes or a tablecloth and napkins to your Party Box here




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