Sample Letter to the Teacher

In an effort to make this process as easy as possible we have drafted up an example letter that you can copy and paste to email your teacher when you inquire about the Valentine's party.

Dear (Insert Teacher’s name),

   With Valentine’s Day coming up, I have been thinking about how I might be able to help you organize a Valentine’s Day party for the class. With all you already have to do this year, I want to make sure you don’t also get stuck planning this year’s party.  I just wanted to touch base with you first and make sure you didn’t already have something planned.  I know parents are not allowed in the classroom this year, but I found party kits we can order and get delivered to the school the day before the party.  The party kits are $6 per student and contain everything the kids need to have a complete Valentine’s Day Party in their seats, with their masks on, and still distanced from their peers. If we end up getting sent back to remote learning, they are also a great solution for a Zoom party if we have to go that route. The kits come with two crafts, two games, a snack and a couple of prizes.   

   If you would like, you can look at the party kits I’m talking about  If you are okay with this idea, I can collect money from everyone in the class and order the kits.  Please let me know your thoughts when you have a chance.  If you are good with it, I will send you an email to forward from me to the rest of the class telling them about this plan and check in on any allergies kids in the class might have, so we can plan for that too.  

   Thanks so much for all that you’ve done for our kids this year.  I hope I can help ease your burden just a little bit.


Thank you!

(Insert your name)