Halloween Party Box Game Descriptions

Below is a list of all the activities included in the K-2nd Grade Deluxe Party Box 

Ring Rally - In this fun challenge, teams will compete to pick up as many spider rings as they can using a retractable rod.  Speed, coordination, and a steady hand are key as teams race against the clock to collect the most spider rings before time runs out.  

Fall Flip Out - In this fall-themed game students will be using scarecrow sticks to flip coins in a race against the other team.  They need to make all the coins land letter side up. Once the team flips all their coins so they flip correctly, they will work together to spell out “PUMPKIN PATCH”.  Younger grades will be given a strip that has the word spelled out for them to use as a guide. 

Fall Ball -The classroom will be filled with excitement as teams race against each other in this relay to transfer fall-colored balls across the room.  Teams will need concentration and coordination as they find a delicate balance with the speed they move because if a ball falls, it’s back to the starting line.  

Halloween/Fall Craft - Choose from two different Fall and Halloween classroom party crafts from the drop-down menu below.  You can see a picture of each of these crafts in the second product picture. 

A fun activity mat printable with a variety of different activities is also included for each student in the class.